Heike Buelau grew up in Bremen, Germany, where she was trained as a classical singer from an early age. She performed opera throughout her liberal arts high school education and bacalaureate. After studying music history and Italian language at the University of Munich, she decided to start her career as a singer first in Europe and later in the United States. She moved to New York City in the mid 90’s, to expand her professional ambitions beyond the discipline of classical music. While performing opera, she found herself more and more frequently drawn to photography, as a welcome outlet for her vision. Finally in 2009 she decided to study the basics of photography at the NY Institute of Photography, after which she deepened her understanding of how to access the soul of this unique art form, by working alongside such wonderful artists as Thibault Jeanson , Robin Broadbent and Francesca Galliani. Today, she lives and works between NYC and Tuscany where her artistic interests lie predominantly in the opportunities available within the most ordinary subject matter.

Shortly after dedicating the majority of her time to photography Heike Buelau was a recipient of the prestigious International Photography Award’s honor award for her 2009 series “My Song in Color” and “My Song in B&W”, followed by a second award in 2010. Her first solo exhibition 'Distractions' took place in 2009 in Brooklyn, NY followed by a second Show, 'Durable Poetry' in 2010, in collaboration with architect and Designer DYAD. In March of 2011 she exhibited in a double Solo Show at Photo Festival of Milano, Italy and in June 2011 she showed some of her work alongside Mapplethorpe and Araki among others in a group show at Visionquest Gallery in Genova, Italy. She debuted at Grossetti Arte Contemporanea Gallery in Milano in a group show in April of 2012 In October of 2012 she was invited to show her Series 'The Essence of Architecture' at “Slidefest” in Dubai, UAE. December 2012 opened a showing of industrial and architectural abstracts at J+A Gallery in Dubai, UAE.

In January 2013 Buelau showed her first Video installation “The Challenge of Silence. Inexorable... Irresistable” at Spazio Bianco in Torino Italy. Stills from the video were shown later that year throughout Samara, Russia as a contribution to their annual Street Art Festival. 2013 also took her to Art Dubai and Design Days Dubai, UAE with some of her architectural abstracts as objects. From here, inspired by the experience of working with new materials and printing on different sufaces, Buelau started new ventures into the world of textile and fashion. Since 2014 she has shown her collection of large art prints on textile during Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks and has sold her unique pieces in stores and galleries [such as Barney’s NY|LA; Dantone, Milano; PN\P, Firenze; Vertice, Londra] worldwide. [Australia, Russia, Lebanon, US, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Sweden, UK and more] Currently Heike Buelau is experimenting with new print materials for her work and looking forward to exhibiting in her hometown of New York in the near future.